1 Fan Belts

The cooling system needs a belt to power it. In some engines, the serpentine belt powers it. In other engines, the fan belt powers it.

2 pk belt

If the serpentine belt is not powering the alternator, then the engine has an alternator belt. It’s a small belt that powers only the alternator.

3 Banded belt

banded belts are mainly use for agriculture and industrial

4. Timing Belts

If you look at the front of the engine under the timing cover, you’ll find a tooth belt in some cases (although in most current vehicles, this belt is replaced by a chain). It’s attached to the crankshaft and camshaft via several pulleys. Also called a gilmer drive belt many years ago, the timing belt has two jobs. It powers the engine’s camshaft and keeps it exactly in sync with the crankshaft. This ensures that the valves open and close at the right time. That’s why it’s called a timing belt. It times the valvetrain.

ASKCO belt

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Belts are simple parts, but they play an important role in the operation of the engine. To put it simply, a belt powers a part (or a set of parts) within the engine.

Your engine has several belts. The number of belts your engine has depends on:

  • Your engine’s age
  • The design of the engine

Let’s talk about some of the most common belts found in engines.



  • AGRO POWER V-belt is often used in agricultural technology due to its wide range of applications.

The belts are optimally matched to the requirements of the application


Automotive industry

  • The extraordinary flexibility of raw edge, molded cogged optibelt SUPER TX V-belts enables extremely small pulley diameters to be used.

  • Factories / Mills Standard and metric size v-belts for versatility in many industrial power transmission application

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